Happy New Year ~ A Fresh Start…~

New Star

Happy New Year, everyone..  Well, this is my very first post for the year 2011, and as a WordPress user…  I’ve blogged for the past three years on Blogger, however, I decided to switch to WordPress to have a brandnew start.   It’s all because I lost my mojo blogging for a while.  I thought, maybe changing a platform would be a great idea, so I did.
People always talk about New Resolution before entering a new year, but this year for some reason, I didn’t really think about resolution nor looked back my 2010 and reflected on what I accomplished or not accomplished…
I just wanted to have a new year without having a mindset of any sort…  I wanted to relax and not putting any pressure on my shoulder…  I’m not sure if this makes any sense.
Anyway, my blog is about my lifestyle or things I love in life – whether it be about my love for art, fashion, or Hollywood or flims, or my family.   My subject will be totally random.  Nothing in order and I don’t only talk about one thing.  And that’s how I roll…
I hope I will get my love for blogging back here with you…. 
May your 2011 will be a fabulous and joyous one.

About barefootchic*

A 30-something who loves fashion, all forms of art, music, films and cooking. Painting is my true passion and started my own small business in the winter of 2009. In my spare time, I'm busy running around with two most beautiful daughters in the world, and taking care of the house while my husband works and commutes two different states.
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6 Responses to Happy New Year ~ A Fresh Start…~

  1. Kristin says:

    Akemashiteomedetou Maki! So glad you are blogging again! I hope 2011 brings you and your family unlimited happiness and health!

  2. erica says:

    yay!!! welcome back to the blogging world maki!!! i’ve missed you!!! very excited for your new blog! 🙂

  3. mschro says:

    Welcome to wordpress! 🙂

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