Before I kick it….

I talked about not having any resolution this year.   Of course I do want to accomplish many things in 2011, but I just don’t want to give expiration dates on them.
But I do have a bucket list, a ton of it.  And one of them is to learn how to play acoustic guitar….
I’m very good at starting something and never following it through.  I used to take classic ballet and modarn dance lessons.  It lasted only two years.  I took piano lesson as well, but I quit because I couldn’t touch piano right away.   I was horribly a lazy child. 
I do love to dance and love to sing, which my friends and family often tell me that I should have pursed it as my profession.  And I agree.  I think if I didn’t quit then, and put all my mind to it, I would have been a professional dancer or a musician.  Oh well, such is life…
But one of the things I haven’t changed is my love for music – not to play of course, but to listen.  I can’t live without it.  I know I could live without TV, but I go crazy if I go morethan two hourse without music.
The other day, I was listening to songs on my iTunes as usual, and it hit me.  “I want to be able to play instruments.”   I once played drums for a little over a year in a band when I was 15 and I still have weak spots on sound of drums.  Now, I really would like to take an acoustic guitar lesson.  This time, I will not quit.  I want to do something in my life that I can say, “I followed through…”  How cool will it be to play guitar and sing along with my girls after dinner, or during sunset on the beach?
So, I’ve decided to sign up with guitar lesson this year.  I thought it’s sooner the better, and truthfully, I am itching to learn as soon as possible.   I can’t wait to share my progress with you…..
Michell Branch.  Sheryl Crow  & Bonnie Raitt (My favorite female singer-song writers)

About barefootchic*

A 30-something who loves fashion, all forms of art, music, films and cooking. Painting is my true passion and started my own small business in the winter of 2009. In my spare time, I'm busy running around with two most beautiful daughters in the world, and taking care of the house while my husband works and commutes two different states.
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6 Responses to Before I kick it….

  1. Kristin says:

    That’s an amazing resolution! I hope you learn to play like a pro 🙂

    Japanese children, or at least my students, have so many extra curricular activities shoved at them – juku, eikaiwa, piano, dance, baseball… just crazy.. I’m not sure it was your fault that you didn’t follow through, it’s all very overwhelming!

  2. Carrin says:


    I think whatever you set your mind to you will do. As kids we just don’t have the attention span to make a lot of things stick. As a grown-up things may not come as easily but we have the ability to stick with it until it does.

    Good luck with it.

  3. erica says:

    ooh! i love it! 🙂 i can totally see you playing guitar!

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