A Second Chance

Do you believe in a second chance? I believe everybody deseves a second chance.
Ted Williams, a homeless man in Columbus, OH, just got his life of opportunity while standing at the corner of the intersection…
He’s all over the internet for the past several days, many people offering him jobs, kind words and patting his back.  It is just wonderful to see how people are rooting for him.   This is what this country is about, right?
I think people are cheering him on because they see his humble attitude and how decent man he is.  He’s not ashamed of admitting his battle with alcohol and drugs, how he’s managed to stay clean for the past two years.  I think he really wants to try to have a better life.   And I believe he can do it.
I know people make mistakes, and I’m sure he’s played his part as well, but if anyone deserves the chance to start over, he is it.  We are all having tough times right now.  And if he can find a way to shine, I am really happy for him.  Good luck, Mr. Ted!!!



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A 30-something who loves fashion, all forms of art, music, films and cooking. Painting is my true passion and started my own small business in the winter of 2009. In my spare time, I'm busy running around with two most beautiful daughters in the world, and taking care of the house while my husband works and commutes two different states.
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8 Responses to A Second Chance

  1. Carrin says:

    I was thinking the same thing about Brad from the Bachelor. Everyone is giving the guy such a hard time. I think he made a bold choice the first time around and he has found a way to better himself because of it.

    • I totall know what you’re saying, Carrin. I think those girls were almost making fun of him. I think he’s genuinely wanting to find a wife this time. I can tell – and he deserves a second chance as well… xoxo

  2. Kristin says:

    There are so many homeless people here in San Francisco. I always feel bad and wonder what I can do, not just to give them money or food, but really give them an opportunity to prove themselves and get on their feet on their own.

    • I used to live in Berkely and took the bart to SF – and it’s true. SF has so many homeless – I think one of the worst city. I don’t even see that many homeless in NYC. I wrote about this before on my other blog, that I always feel so bad and make me wanna cry. But then, some people choose the lifestyle over drugs and alcohol. Not everybody, but many of them would rather sit or stand on the corner streets and get $1… What bothers me is that, there’s nothing we can do about it, except to go to shelter and help them, you know? All they need is a little chance, like Mr. Ted, but some don’t even want to take that chance… 😦 So sad.. That’s why, this story is so important to so many… xoxox

  3. katy seawolf says:

    second chances are a big thing especially if it is at something big. to help people who genuinely want the help and are willing to work hard for it is a big deal. many homeless people have known nothing except their current way of life and so they are scared to move on (for people like that, i recommend the book, ‘when helping hurts’ by steve corbett and brian fikkert – it’s a good book for guiding people to help people step-by-step out of poverty). this guy sounds like he means it. great thoughts. 🙂

    i see from the previous post that you have a new year’s resolution! i take off my hat to you – learning guitar takes patience, but the result is rewarding. i’m still in the midst of learning acoustic guitar (her name’s bella’ 😀 ). it’s a beautiful instrument.

    thanks for stopping by! love your blog. 🙂

    • I totally agree. I think many homeless people are so accustomed to their lifestyle, it’s tought to break the cycle…
      Yes, I would like to star the lesson in Feb, March the latest. I see that you play also – I really love the sound of acoustic guitar, and now you told me that you play,
      it makes me want to start now! 🙂

  4. photojoy says:

    Congrats for opening a new site from WordPress! It’s so neat and stylish! I love it. Above all I love your blogging as usual. Yes, I’ll count on my second chance, as well. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve changed your link in my blog list.

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