Kitchen Love ~ Tyler Florence~

Do you love to cook?   I love everything that has to do with food.   I enjoy cooking, I enjoy watching cooking shows, and I love to read cooking books and magazines for recipes.  Food is truly a joy, isn’t it?
One of my favorite chefs is Tyler Florence.  Every time I see him on his shows, I can sense that he’s gunine.  He doesn’t have the cockiness or the “I’m better than you” attitude.  I enjoy watching him cook great dishes. 
I was browsing through my favorite magazine “House Beautiful” and the website and found the article that featured Tyler.  They displayed all the photos of his kitchen at his own home, his store and restaurants in California.  I would love to visit his restaurants one day and enjoy his delicious food. 
I love white cabinets and I picked white cabinets for my kitchen when we had to renovate our condo after a water damage.  Tyler’s kitchen is in whites and I love how simple his kitchen is.   I also adore the chalkboard in his kitchen – it looks so much fun to exchange message and ideas with the family… 
Do you love you kitchen?   Is it where all the magic happens?

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All the images are via House Beautiful website.


About barefootchic*

A 30-something who loves fashion, all forms of art, music, films and cooking. Painting is my true passion and started my own small business in the winter of 2009. In my spare time, I'm busy running around with two most beautiful daughters in the world, and taking care of the house while my husband works and commutes two different states.
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5 Responses to Kitchen Love ~ Tyler Florence~

  1. Kristin says:

    Tyler is quite a good looking guy too 🙂 I don’t like my kitchen, not enough space for all our stuff cooking space. Whenever we get our first home I want to make sure the kitchen has plenty of space!

  2. Jessica says:

    I have to say, I haven’t watched a lot of Tyler Florence’s cooking shows but I have heard great things. I like him more than Bobby Flay, who does not come across as genuine, in my opinion.

  3. erica says:

    i LOVE tyler florence!!! i used to watch that show where he’d go to your home to help you cook a meal and wish he’d come to my home! hahaha.
    and by cocky, i’m-better-than-you attitude…do you mean bobby flay? hahaha.

    i love watching cooking shows, but i’m a horrible chef!

  4. Dionne_C says:

    I LOVE Tyler Florence. He’s awesome! Next time I go to Cali, I so wanna check out one of his restaurants!

  5. Kristin: I know, he has gained some weight, but he’s still a good looking man. Yes, kitchen needs enough space to fully enjoy it, AND big pantry!

    Jessica: I agree, I like Bobby Flay because I think he’s a good chef, but his attitude bothers me sometimes. Tyler on the other hand doesn’t play the celebrity card:)

    eri: I used to watch that show too – was it called Food 911? (I forget..) He’s been to homes in Hawaii too, and I was like, “Come to my house!!!” LOL. And you read me – yes, I like Bobby 1/2 of the time and I dislike him the rest. I mean, does he not think he’s better than you? lol

    Dionne: Me too! I would love to check out all his restaurants and stores! xoxo

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