Is that season again???


My girls have been sick all week since Sunday and haven’t gone to school.  Since my husband is away, I’ve been taking care of my sick kids all by myself and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting sick also.  Hense, I’ve been a little spotty on posting and I am sorry.
I do love WordPress, and I’m glad I’ve made the move from Blogger though.  It’s still a little complicated compare to Blogger, and it takes twice as long for me to compose an entry, but there are many features that are not available on Blogger that I’m enjoying the learning process. 
Another update is that my iPhone is working perfectly fine now.   I really thought that I had to pay a lot of money to replace the phone, but I didn’t have to.   I guess the rice trick worked or just drying it out without turning the phone on worked like a magic!  And what amazes me the most is that I didn’t lose any data nor information on my phone – even all the texts messages that I had on prior to dropping it in the toilet.   iPhone is a pretty strong phone – I’m impressed!  So, don’t worry my dear friends, if you ever drop your iPhone in the toilet, take out your SIM card, and putting everything in a bag of rice.  It takes about three days to fully dry, but it works fine!  Yay:)
Anyway, I’m hoping that I don’t get sick – I’ve been sneezing non-stop and my nose are running like Niagra Falls.  But, I keep telling myself that it’s because of allergies and I’m fine.   Do you think I can trick my brain, so my body doesn’t think that she is really sick???

About barefootchic*

A 30-something who loves fashion, all forms of art, music, films and cooking. Painting is my true passion and started my own small business in the winter of 2009. In my spare time, I'm busy running around with two most beautiful daughters in the world, and taking care of the house while my husband works and commutes two different states.
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4 Responses to Is that season again???

  1. Glad to hear your phone is better, and I will try that rice trick in the future when I inevitably drop my iPhone in water. Sorry to hear you are getting a cold – I also have one! I’m the kind of person that believes you get one winter cold a year and that’ll be it for the rest of the year though. I don’t really know how my logic works. But I feel like winter germs are the be all end all of germs so your body can take anything else!

  2. erica says:

    weird…i just wrote a blog about my crazy allergies! i blame the mango trees. and funny that i just read a super old (circa 1992) article about florida residents plagued w/allergies due to mango trees. do you have mango trees in your area that are blooming right now?

    i hope they feel better…you too!

  3. Katz NYC says:

    Ugh, I so hate being sick. I can’t even imagine how I would handle two kids while being sick, I can’t even take care of myself when it hits me.

    Both I and my husband were very sick the entire xmas vacation, so I hope that was it for this winter’s sicknesses. I take bunch of herbs and vitamins every morning now; echinacea with rose hips, vitamins D and C, Oil of Oregano…

    Hope you’ll feel better soon! Have a great weekend!


  4. Kristin: Yes, rice trick might work for all iphone soakers! This is my second time being sick this year, and I so hope that this is the last one for me – I hope you’re feeling better! 🙂

    Eri: I was hoping it was allergies, but it is not:( We do have many Oak trees that cause people to have horrible allergies. Weather Channel has this pollen indicator which helps a lot.

    Katz: Yes, being sick while taking care of kids is no fun. It’s Friday and I feel like crap – I even asked my friends FB to shoot me!!! LOL Hope you guys are staying warm and healthy!!! xoxo

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