Soaked iPhone…

I got my iphone 4 past summer after ending my 4 year love affair with Blackberry.   And I almost killed my brandnew relationship with iPhone the other night when I tried to go to the bathroom 1/2 drunk. 
All I heard was a tiny splash sound of something hitting the water.  It took a few seconds to realize what the noise was – and I gasped and turned around only to see my floating iphone.  HORRIBLE!  I picked it up right away even before I got to pee – seriously, that event totally sober me up in a second. 
I’ve been drying the phone in a bag of rice and I’m going to turn it back on tomorrow.  If I can’t get it work, then I am going to take it to an iPhone hospital in town.   They charge to repair the damaged phone for $45 ~ $75.  If they can’t fix it, it’s free.
The worst case scenario, Apple will replace the phone for $200 which is so much cheaper than going through my phone company AT&T because I renewed my contract past summer, so AT&T can’t give me any phones for a dicounted price and more over, iPhone would cost like $500!
I got the iphone mainly because of iPod feature since I can’t live without music.  I hate iphone to compose emails or texts, but overall, I like the phone.  I do still miss my blackberry and I may consider switching back next year.  When it comes to email and texting, Blackberry is handsdown a better device.
I just want my iphone to work because I’ve been using my house phone and facebook as methods of communication.  It’s not that bad, I mean remember the times when we only had pagers and pay phone?    It’s come a long way!!!   But seriously, pray for me everyone!!
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The tragedy in Tucson, Arizona reminded us how fragile our lives are.   We never know when is our last goodbye…
I don’t want to talk about politics or what happened that day…  But I can’t deny that we’re so jaded and only care about the things that are so small, but refuse to see it.  I may be too old or uptight, but I feel like we’ve lost something so important that is close to our hearts. What can we do?  What can we do to better ourselves?  
My oldest daughter asked me today, “Mommy, why did he hurt people?”  –  I didn’t know what to say.  Because I know,  evil things do exist.  
That’s when I heard this quote while watching on CNN…
“We recognized our mortality..  We are reminded and the fleeing time that we have on us, what matter is not wealth; not status; not power, but rather how well we loved…”
I couldn’t stop crying because that’s the answer, that I know in my heart, what I need to do as a mother, is to teach my children about life, kindness and love, and how to lead a good life, that we cannot stop trying to be good and find goodness in people.
And hope for a better world…
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Ugh, Victoria!!!

I’m a huge fan of soccer since I was a little girl.  And David Beckham was my idol ever since I laid my eyes on him waaaaaay before Victoria laid her eyes on him.  He was just David Beckham who loved to play football before he married Posh Spice.  Yes, he was a popular player in England who was young and full of future.  Then his popularity exploded…
I can’t deny the exceptional beauty of his existance.   There are not many that are perfect, but he’s almost perfect, except his voice.   His beautiful face, his muscular body, his humble attitude and a kind heart.  He’s simply beautiful.
Victoria Beckham announced that she’s pregnant with their fourth child.  Yes, fourth child.  I know they want a girl, and ever since he got injured before World Cup, they were trying for one.   And Voila!  
I know they are much in love still, and it’s great news, but really, she keeps reminding us his fans that David is all hers.  I’m heartbroken..  Kleenex please…..
David and Victoria Beckham with sons Brooklyn, Cruz and Rome
(All images are from Google Image)
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Winter Song…

I’ve spent most of my life in Hawaii and Florida where “cold weather” usually don’t apply. Florida gets cold at times, freezing temperature in winter, but it’s nothing compare to the weathers in northern states.
Every season has its character, like every breath we take is a little different. Altought I’m not too fond of cold weather, I do still love winter.  The feelings you get during holiday seasons, the warmth of family or snow falling down on your face… It’s romantic.
Last week, I was watching one of my favorite tv shows, Parenthood and heard this song called “And If My Heart Should Stop Somehow” by James Vincent McMorrow. I don’t know why, but this song touched me, and tears flowed down on my cheek. Well, I do that all the time, crying over a song. I know I’m strange…
This song is only available on iTune in Ireland at this moment, but I’ve been listening to it on youTube (this video doesn’t have image..) – I hope you enjoy it.
And if you’re getting winter storms right now, stay warm and stay safe!
{If My Heart Should Somehow Stop}
the wind changed, the first day that you came through
cut the corn, washed it clean
now everything thats ever gone before, is just a blur
it’s all because of you
and now i find, this cities like a stranger to me
i once was fooled by cadillacs and honey
but no one feels like you
not like you
not like you
not like you
cause even though the flower fades something takes it’s place
a marching band on a sunny day, two pretty eyes or a a pretty face
then in the forest i made my home
lay down on hard and ancient stone
then if my heart should somehow stop
i’ll hang on, to the hope
that you’re not too late
that you’re not too late
and there are times i know when i will have to chase you
the further from my side you go, the longing grows
and though i hate this, i’ll still want you,
i will hate this, but i’ll still want you
even though the flower dies somethings by it’s side….
a helping hand or a kiss goodbye, to ease it on it’s way
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A Second Chance

Do you believe in a second chance? I believe everybody deseves a second chance.
Ted Williams, a homeless man in Columbus, OH, just got his life of opportunity while standing at the corner of the intersection…
He’s all over the internet for the past several days, many people offering him jobs, kind words and patting his back.  It is just wonderful to see how people are rooting for him.   This is what this country is about, right?
I think people are cheering him on because they see his humble attitude and how decent man he is.  He’s not ashamed of admitting his battle with alcohol and drugs, how he’s managed to stay clean for the past two years.  I think he really wants to try to have a better life.   And I believe he can do it.
I know people make mistakes, and I’m sure he’s played his part as well, but if anyone deserves the chance to start over, he is it.  We are all having tough times right now.  And if he can find a way to shine, I am really happy for him.  Good luck, Mr. Ted!!!


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Before I kick it….

I talked about not having any resolution this year.   Of course I do want to accomplish many things in 2011, but I just don’t want to give expiration dates on them.
But I do have a bucket list, a ton of it.  And one of them is to learn how to play acoustic guitar….
I’m very good at starting something and never following it through.  I used to take classic ballet and modarn dance lessons.  It lasted only two years.  I took piano lesson as well, but I quit because I couldn’t touch piano right away.   I was horribly a lazy child. 
I do love to dance and love to sing, which my friends and family often tell me that I should have pursed it as my profession.  And I agree.  I think if I didn’t quit then, and put all my mind to it, I would have been a professional dancer or a musician.  Oh well, such is life…
But one of the things I haven’t changed is my love for music – not to play of course, but to listen.  I can’t live without it.  I know I could live without TV, but I go crazy if I go morethan two hourse without music.
The other day, I was listening to songs on my iTunes as usual, and it hit me.  “I want to be able to play instruments.”   I once played drums for a little over a year in a band when I was 15 and I still have weak spots on sound of drums.  Now, I really would like to take an acoustic guitar lesson.  This time, I will not quit.  I want to do something in my life that I can say, “I followed through…”  How cool will it be to play guitar and sing along with my girls after dinner, or during sunset on the beach?
So, I’ve decided to sign up with guitar lesson this year.  I thought it’s sooner the better, and truthfully, I am itching to learn as soon as possible.   I can’t wait to share my progress with you…..
Michell Branch.  Sheryl Crow  & Bonnie Raitt (My favorite female singer-song writers)
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Happy New Year ~ A Fresh Start…~

New Star

Happy New Year, everyone..  Well, this is my very first post for the year 2011, and as a WordPress user…  I’ve blogged for the past three years on Blogger, however, I decided to switch to WordPress to have a brandnew start.   It’s all because I lost my mojo blogging for a while.  I thought, maybe changing a platform would be a great idea, so I did.
People always talk about New Resolution before entering a new year, but this year for some reason, I didn’t really think about resolution nor looked back my 2010 and reflected on what I accomplished or not accomplished…
I just wanted to have a new year without having a mindset of any sort…  I wanted to relax and not putting any pressure on my shoulder…  I’m not sure if this makes any sense.
Anyway, my blog is about my lifestyle or things I love in life – whether it be about my love for art, fashion, or Hollywood or flims, or my family.   My subject will be totally random.  Nothing in order and I don’t only talk about one thing.  And that’s how I roll…
I hope I will get my love for blogging back here with you…. 
May your 2011 will be a fabulous and joyous one.
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