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Good Old Days… {Time Travel}

Today is the 25th anniversary of the Challenger explosion.  I still vividly remember that morning – it was cold, but such a beatufil day.  I was only 12 years old.  I watched it on TV with my dad and I … Continue reading

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Is that season again???

My girls have been sick all week since Sunday and haven’t gone to school.  Since my husband is away, I’ve been taking care of my sick kids all by myself and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting sick also.  … Continue reading

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Kitchen Love ~ Tyler Florence~

Do you love to cook?   I love everything that has to do with food.   I enjoy cooking, I enjoy watching cooking shows, and I love to read cooking books and magazines for recipes.  Food is truly a joy, isn’t it? One of … Continue reading

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Soaked iPhone…

I got my iphone 4 past summer after ending my 4 year love affair with Blackberry.   And I almost killed my brandnew relationship with iPhone the other night when I tried to go to the bathroom 1/2 drunk.  All I heard … Continue reading

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The tragedy in Tucson, Arizona reminded us how fragile our lives are.   We never know when is our last goodbye… I don’t want to talk about politics or what happened that day…  But I can’t deny that we’re so jaded and only … Continue reading

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Ugh, Victoria!!!

I’m a huge fan of soccer since I was a little girl.  And David Beckham was my idol ever since I laid my eyes on him waaaaaay before Victoria laid her eyes on him.  He was just David Beckham who loved … Continue reading

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Winter Song…

I’ve spent most of my life in Hawaii and Florida where “cold weather” usually don’t apply. Florida gets cold at times, freezing temperature in winter, but it’s nothing compare to the weathers in northern states. Every season has its character, … Continue reading

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