Have you ever wondered what is life, or your purpose in life?  Is it measured by the success you have in your life?  You’re better than all others because you make more money?  Is it a status? I ask myself this question almost every day.  People call me I’m sensitive or think too much, but well, that’s who I am.  I can’t help it.
We have this maintenance guy working in our condo for the past five months or so.  He’s probably in his late 20’s.  And I must say, I’ve never seen anyone who works so hard with a smile on his face.  Let’s be honest, whatever he does is something we all want to avoid to do.  He cleans trash, doggy poop bins on the lawn we have for the dog owners which smell horrible, and he maintain the integrity of our condo (the way it looks from  inside and out) all by himself, every morning and day.   It’s not an easy job, and that’s why I’ve seen different guys come and go and never stayed longer than two months to keep their job.  But he’s different.  He never mopes around and thinking to himself how sorry he is that he has to clean or maintain the condo.  Yes, maybe he needs this job when it’s so hard to find any job these days.  But still, I’m always impressed how hard of a working man he is.
Then last week, we stopped seeing him for two days.  We usually see him either first thing in the morning riding the cart, or working on something throughout afternoon.  It looks like the trash has been cleaned, but no visual of the maintenance guy.  The next day the same thing.  I was like, “Hm, that’s strange.”  Then I was playing with my daughters outside when my neighbor walked up to me and asked, “Hey Maki, have you seen Brent? I haven’t seen him for a few days.”  I said, “No. Actually I was wondering the same thing.  I wonder what happened to him.”  So my neighbor asked another neighbor and they had no clue where he was.  We were all worried and saying, “Bet, he got tired of working here too.  What are we going to do?  He’s such a sweetheart and work so hard..”
That evening, I bumped into another neighbor Lisa who often rides in cart to keep him company.  I asked, “Lisa, what happened to Brent?  Did he quit?”  — “Oh no, he’s still here.  Actually someone didn’t shut the pipe and water in the pool is gone.  So, he’s been busy taking care of that.”  So I told her how people in the neighborhood were worried that he quit or something happened to him, and that we’re sort of lost without him taking care of our condo so nicely.
I truly believe that our condo is better because how hard he spends his time taking care of it.  We used to have a serious problem with dog poop before (I talked about it here in my old blog ->here ) but now I see less and less of poop on the lawn.  I hope the residents see how hard he tries and works to maintain our condo for us that they want to do their part to help it.  We can’t have a beautiful property just wanting it, you have to work for it too.  And that’s what he’s taught us.  How wonderful is that?   I hope he knows how much he’s appreciated by us…  Thank you, Brent!!!
*{Image by Me – the photo of our condo which our maintenance guy takes good care of..}*
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Beach, beach and more beach…

One of my favorite places on earth is beach.  I’ve spend most of my life near or surrounded by the ocean.  I spent 13 years in Hawaii and I’ve lived in Florida for 5 years now.  I just can’t think of my life without the beach. 
Just laying in the sun, listening to the waves or kids laughter with some beer or cocktails in our hands – it’s wonderful feeling.  Of course Florida has winter season and we get freezing temperature (I’m not kidding!) many times, so I’m glad to see our beach season is back  again! 


I have no idea what was so funny, but I blame on my friend “K”…  Oh I love her…

It was so windy Saturday.  This picture was taken right before we’re attached by the storm.  I could not believe the amount of sand we brough home after we rushed to get out of the beach.  But as you can see, we had a great time as always.

Like Mommys..

Our girls are growing up to be the Beach Girls….  

Our lovely “Lido Beach” on Gulf Coast on a cloudy day.. 

Or on a sunny day…..   I love it regardless…. 
How about you?    ~ xoxo
*{All Images by Me}*
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“Something Borrowed”

  On Mother’s Day this year, I went to see the movie “Something Borrowed” with my mommy friend, “A”.  It was her idea whom had read the original book that we should use our special day to see the movie we’d been wanting to see.  A and I left our kiddies to Dads and off we went, and I must say, it was a perfect film for us.
I don’t want to give away too much, but I really loved the movie because I didn’t know what’s going to happen until the end since I’d never read the book.  It was funny, sad, charming and heartwarming.  Josh Krasinski who played Ethan was so good – something about him that we can’t stop loving him, right?  Darcy played by Kate Hudson was really carefree and kind of selfish, but somehow I couldn’t hate her.  Then there come Dex (Collin Egglesfield) and Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) – their true feelings for each other were revealed and things got so complicated, and I couldn’t stop cheering for them. 
I don’t know what critics are saying about this film, but I thought it delivered the message real well.  Of course it’s about a secret taboo which a man falls for two woman and a friend is in love with her best friend’s fiance, but I think the story is more than that.  I thought it is about people who are so afraid to hurt other people and get hurt, and too afraid to be honest with themselves.  In the end, if you’re not honest with yourself and your feelings, you will lose something you love so dearly.  And I coudln’t stop thinking to myself, there is nothing tragic than two people whose feelings are mutual, and madly in love with each other, but not being able to be together just because they are too chicken to admit what they hold in their hearts from the the very beginning.  That is horrible!!! 
I think we all go through heartbreaks and breakups and make up, at least once in our life-time.  But could you live with yourself when you don’t give 100% to someone you really want to be with?   I have a motto to live by that I’m not afraid to tell someone that I love them.  It’s because I had gone through the  same thing as Rachel had gone through in the movie.  I lost chances to be with someone I really wanted to be with – twice!  And I realized from those experiences was that you would lose him or her regardless if you’re not honest with your feelings.   And that would be such a sad story.  So I say, either you hurt good or lose good!  Right?
For those who haven’t read the book nor the film, I will not talk about the ending, but I suggest you to see the movie.  Hey, it’s Friday – I don’t mind goig to see it again.  It was definitely a lovely story that you would enjoy with your girlfriend! 
Have a lovely weekend!!!  xoxo
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Coming Out of A Hibernation

It’s been over three months since my last post.    I really don’t know where to start, or what to say except, I’ve missed blogging.  
So many things have happened for the past three months.  My children and I caught the flu-like cold in February – it was so mean that we’re in bed for over two weeks.   My husband being away, and it took a lot longer for me to recover.  Then my youngest daughter’s 5th birthday in the very beginning of March which consumed my time and energy to plan a party for her. 
Then, the earthquakes and tsunami hit Japan…  It was exactly two months ago…  I still can’t believe the extent of the disaster that rocked Japan, and how many people have suffered still today.   My parents still live in Tokyo, and they live in the constant fear of aftershock and radiation from Fukushima Nuclear Plant.  I’m concerned about their safety on daily basis…
With having said that, I must admit that I had been depressed.  I know I’d been depressed for quite some time.  No, I don’t need to see a doctor nor need to take medications, but when you know, you know, and I know I was depressed.   How?
Well, when you stop doing what you love, that’s a sure sign of depression.  For instance, if you stop blogging, that’s one.  Then when you barely go to the gym to work out, that’s another reason because blogging and working out are two of my favorite things to do.
Instead of heading to gym after dropping of my daughters at their schools, I went straight back home and slept.  It’s scary routine… Yes, I was fully functional 90% of time after I pick up my youngest daughter from school at noon, and I have been a good mother, but I didn’t like how I was spending my time in the morning.  It did take a long time, however, to realize what I was doing would only stop me from doing the things I love in my life, and eventually my daughters’.  It’s very scary..  .
I’m glad that I’ve been doing so much better for the past few weeks.  My therapist has also been a great help.  I’ve tried to keep myself busy in the morning; going to breakfast with friends or go to gym, or running errands instead of doing it in the afternoon.   Now I would like to get back to blogging.  I know I don’t want to give too much pressure, and I think I need to take one step at a time.   I hope I can do this…
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Good Old Days… {Time Travel}

Today is the 25th anniversary of the Challenger explosion.  I still vividly remember that morning – it was cold, but such a beatufil day.  I was only 12 years old.  I watched it on TV with my dad and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was so, so sad to see seven astronauts died like that…
When I think about that sad day, I often think about happy days when I was young.  I’m not too fond of fashion style in the 80’s, but I love many films that came out that generation.  It symbolize my youth and how much I wanted to come to America…
You know, all the Brat Pack and cute stories.  Good old days, indeed…  Now I’m 37…  Amazing how fast time flies.  
Here are some of my favorite movies in the 80’s…

Splash ~ 1984 ~

I really wanted to be a mermaid after I saw this movie.  Daryl Hannah was so charmign in this movie.

                                                       The Flamingo Kid ~ 1984~

Matt Dillon really doesn’t age all that much.  I still adore him.  My favorite scene from this move is when he eats, he always mumbles.  Hilarious.  Also the scene where he eats a soap in the bathroom thinking it’s a chocolate, oh forget it.  It’s such a cute story..


The Breakfast Club ~1985~

So many great scenes, not to mention Ally Sheedy plays with dandruff on her hair…


St. Elmo’s Fire ~1985~  

I thought this movie was coolest thing ever when I was young.  I wanted to be like Demi.  She was beautiful and her voice was charming.  Yes, I wanted to be like her.  She was such an American girl, you know?


Pretty In Pink ~1986~

Molly Ringwald was really cute in this movie.  Jon Cryer from Two and a Half Men doesn’t seem to age, but if you see this movie, yes, he’s old now. 


Big ~1988~

Look how young Tom Hanks looks!!!!   He was so good in this movie…
So, my darling, do you remember what were you doing 25 years ago?   What is your favorite 80’s movie?   
Have a lovely weekend!!!
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Is that season again???


My girls have been sick all week since Sunday and haven’t gone to school.  Since my husband is away, I’ve been taking care of my sick kids all by myself and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting sick also.  Hense, I’ve been a little spotty on posting and I am sorry.
I do love WordPress, and I’m glad I’ve made the move from Blogger though.  It’s still a little complicated compare to Blogger, and it takes twice as long for me to compose an entry, but there are many features that are not available on Blogger that I’m enjoying the learning process. 
Another update is that my iPhone is working perfectly fine now.   I really thought that I had to pay a lot of money to replace the phone, but I didn’t have to.   I guess the rice trick worked or just drying it out without turning the phone on worked like a magic!  And what amazes me the most is that I didn’t lose any data nor information on my phone – even all the texts messages that I had on prior to dropping it in the toilet.   iPhone is a pretty strong phone – I’m impressed!  So, don’t worry my dear friends, if you ever drop your iPhone in the toilet, take out your SIM card, and putting everything in a bag of rice.  It takes about three days to fully dry, but it works fine!  Yay:)
Anyway, I’m hoping that I don’t get sick – I’ve been sneezing non-stop and my nose are running like Niagra Falls.  But, I keep telling myself that it’s because of allergies and I’m fine.   Do you think I can trick my brain, so my body doesn’t think that she is really sick???
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Kitchen Love ~ Tyler Florence~

Do you love to cook?   I love everything that has to do with food.   I enjoy cooking, I enjoy watching cooking shows, and I love to read cooking books and magazines for recipes.  Food is truly a joy, isn’t it?
One of my favorite chefs is Tyler Florence.  Every time I see him on his shows, I can sense that he’s gunine.  He doesn’t have the cockiness or the “I’m better than you” attitude.  I enjoy watching him cook great dishes. 
I was browsing through my favorite magazine “House Beautiful” and the website and found the article that featured Tyler.  They displayed all the photos of his kitchen at his own home, his store and restaurants in California.  I would love to visit his restaurants one day and enjoy his delicious food. 
I love white cabinets and I picked white cabinets for my kitchen when we had to renovate our condo after a water damage.  Tyler’s kitchen is in whites and I love how simple his kitchen is.   I also adore the chalkboard in his kitchen – it looks so much fun to exchange message and ideas with the family… 
Do you love you kitchen?   Is it where all the magic happens?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All the images are via House Beautiful website.

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